Life in the 21st century means that we have less time to spend doing the things we love. A long workday or busy schedule leaves you exhausted and doesn’t always allow you to spend as much time with your dog as you would like.

Wags is the only dog day care centre in Birmingham to offer indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs on a large scale.

At Wags, we pride ourselves on our commitment to outstanding service. Our facility serves as the home away from your home where your dogs become our staff’s extended family.

We understand that you lead a busy life and our goal is to support you with your dog, leaving you free to focus on your job, children or other obligations. A bored or isolated dog can lead to a destructive, unhappy dog.

The staff at Wags are here to stimulate your dogs mind, they will receive supervised play in our designated exercise areas and have free play time to socialise with other dogs, leaving you guilt free as your dog is happy and content.

Pop in and see for yourself that we are what we say we are, you won’t be disappointed.

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Dog Daycare Prices

1 Dog Per 1/2 Day


Anytime during the day for 5 1/2 hours

1 Dog Per Full Day


One day Only From 7.30am - 6.00pm

Fetch & Play


Pick up each way, within a 3 mile radius

Pre Paid Price Packages

Bronze Package - 5 Days


To be used within one month, £23.00 Per Day, 8.30% discount

Silver Package - 10 Days


To be used within two months, £21.00 Per Day, 16.60% discount

Gold Package - 20 Days


To be used within three months, £19.00 Per Day, 25% discount

Late Charge - Every 15 Minutes


Late charge, based on per dog, (unless notified previously)

20% Discount for 2nd dog

20% Off

Two dogs from the same family, the second dog will receive a 20% discount

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Call us on: 0121 308 0100

Email us at: info@wagsdogdaycare.co.uk

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A typical day in the life of a wags dog...

Our aim is to keep your dog active and mentally stimulated throughout the day, by offering indoor and outdoor structured play, with quiet rest times inbetween.

7.30am - 10.00am

Check in

10.00am - 12.00pm

Fetch & Play

12.00pm - 13.00pm

Nap Time

13.00pm - 15.00pm

Agility Play

15.00pm - 17.00pm

Chill out & Clean up


How you can help us at Wags Dog Daycare...

For the safety of our dogs, dog owners and staff you and your dog must attend an assessment  prior to being accepted into the Wags family. All dogs must wear a named collar whilst in daycare.

Application Requirements

If you are interested in joining Wags dog care, your dog must:

  • Be over 6 months old
  • Have all its vaccinations up to date
  • Male dogs ideally should be castrated no later than 12 months of age
  • Attend a free assessment at Wags

If your dog meets all of the above criteria then please complete and return our application form.


On receipt of your completed application form you will be invited to one of our free assessments, these usually take place Monday through Friday between 10am and 4pm but will be arranged at a convenient time to suit you.

This gives you and your dog the opportunity to have a look and smell around our facilities and for us to assess if your dog is suited to Wags.

On arrival at Wags we shall sit down and discuss your dog and their likes and dislikes. We will explain to you the facilities we have at Wags and what generally happens on a daily basis. We then leave you in reception and take your loved one into the play area.

It is important that any dog attending a Wags assessment  is given plenty of time and space to get used to the new surroundings. Your dog will be introduced to a small amount of our day care dogs at first, and then will slowly be introduced to more dogs as they settle in.

After this assessment period we can tell you if your dog is suitable to be a Wags day care dog.

Arrivals & Collections

Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 6.00pm

Arrivals & Collections must be by appointment only.

Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 6.00pm

Book in your dog today!

Call us on: 0121 308 0100

Email us at: info@wagsdogdaycare.co.uk

Find Wags

Hill Farm, Hillwood Common Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 5QH

Call us today on: 0121 308 0100

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Your Questions Answered...

Read more FAQs

What if my bitch is in season?

Wags policy is that no dogs are brought into our facility whilst in season. Should a dog come into season whilst with us, then they will be taken to our quarantine area for protection from the males. We will contact you to have them picked up as soon as possible; your dog will be kept […]

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Can I bring my puppy to Wags?

Wags except  puppies from 6 months old provided they have had all of their vaccinations, including kennel cough, your puppy must also have been de-wormed and de-flead.

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