Below are some of Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page please email us your question on info@wagsdogdaycare.co.uk


What if my bitch is in season?

Wags policy is that no dogs are brought into our facility whilst in season.

Should a dog come into season whilst with us, then they will be taken to our quarantine area for protection from the males. We will contact you to have them picked up as soon as possible; your dog will be kept in the quarantine area where they can be cared for separately until this is possible.

We do ask that all females are spayed asap to prevent any problems occurring with other dogs.

Can I bring my puppy to Wags?

Wags except  puppies from 6 months old provided they have had all of their vaccinations, including kennel cough, your puppy must also have been de-wormed and de-flead.

What if my dog is ill?

If your dog is taken ill whilst at Wags they will be taken to our quarantine area and you will be informed immediately of the situation. Ideally you would collect your dog from Wags and take them home, however we know this is not always possible so we would keep your dog within the quarantined area until you were able to collect the dog, or for us to drop the dog home.

If we consider that your dog needs a vet, again we would whenever possible call you to advise you, if no contact could be made we would use Wags recommended vet.

Can any dog come to Wags?

The Wags day care environment is not for all dogs. Each dog has its own personality and temperament. Some dogs do not socialise well and prefer to keep themselves to themselves, this is why at Wags we always insist your dog is brought in for a free assessment morning, this gives us the chance to meet you with your dog and introduce them slowly to what day care has to offer.

Why choose Wags Dog Daycare for my dog?

Wags  is set within 5 acres of green belt land, it has a large indoor play area, split into sections for larger and smaller dogs.

Settee’s and dog beds are scattered around, should your dog choose to take some time out from the activities.

The facility has two separate outside areas, green fields for agility training for more structured play and exercise and a gravel area for outside play on wetter days without getting too muddy.

What is dog day care?

Dog day care is a place your dog can socialise with other dogs whilst playing and receiving exercise. Dogs are pack animals and day care gives them a chance to be part of a pack within a safe, secure and controlled environment. It stops dogs becoming bored or suffering with separation anxiety. A happy dog equals a happy owner.